Updated: Mar 18


We have an exciting news to share: a cutting-edge robot and 2 marvellous ships have just come into play.

Manufactured in a Proximate mass production facility, Sharp T5 has been programmed to track and stalk its target. Equipped with a satellite communication device, it can communicate remotely with other robots to recruit reinforcements.

As for the new ships, Flëëem is HUGE. Equipped with everything needed for long-distance travel, including a self-sufficient garden to produce food, a medical regenerative laboratory, and even a rain forest to feel at home.

The other ship, Zaartès, or "Guardian of the Skies" in common tongue, is a ship originally designed to defend Elysia from space invasions, but today it is used in many ways as a personal vehicle or for diplomatic missions.


Recent conflicts between Proxima and Elysia started worrying some high-ranked officials. Is war ahead? In any case it was time to prepare for any possible situation. Proxima's robot factories were asked to start producing at maximum capacity.

Due to this circumstance, Sharp T5, Raw T3, Bomcore, Cloud and Rocal have a 2x chance to be won in this week's breach. Check them out in game.

That's all for now. What do you think about the new card and ships? Let us know in the comment section below. See you all on the battlefield!

- The Echo of Ayllu Team

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