Hello everyone !

A new card is appearing today: Oyo, an old Naqua full of wisdom and patience. He brings with him a new mechanic in the game.


Patience is a definite quality, but Oyo elevates it to the rank of Art. This Naqua, deeply respectful of everything around him, does not hesitate to force this same respect from his opponents.

Action: Patience: You will be able to perform 2 actions during your next turn.


The new challenges are heavy this week with the terrible and legendary René up for grabs !!! But also RC-02, 5000 credits and ... Drago!


Unleash II

An exclusively TEMPUS tournament with no gem limit. It's time to build a space army worthy of the name.


Aquatic Force The Naquas are definitely a very special species. When a new breach appeared in the sky, these exotic people found nothing better than to go and chat with their own reflections. Maybe peaceful communication is the best way to convince?

These cards have a 2x more chance of being won in the Week's Breach.

- Oyo

- Watoo (Mythical!)

- Pico

- Nano

- Nani


Two special codes are to be discovered in your store.


We have (again and always) listened to you, and the stall is expanding by offering a Cosmetics section! We also integrate special codes to win more gifts.

- Frenzy changed its +20 Attack increase to +10.

- Many bugs have been fixed.

- The game is currently being translated for the Spanish language. If you see any typos, please let us know.

Many thanks for your support and good play everyone!

- The Echo of Ayllu team

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