BETA #10

Hello everyone!

A new card is appearing today: Rocky! Man's best friend... or not! Either way, it will be up to you to train him well!


Rocky is not a robot like the others. His inventor designed him to obey his owner in a versatile way. And he's also pretty cuddly... well... in general.

Pose: Decision: When Rocky enters the game, choose a skill to give him. Choose "Bite" to get Chain, or choose "Go Fetch!" to get Rush.

Counterattack: If an adjacent character has been defeated, Rocky will immediately counterattack if he is stronger.


This week's new challenges are here. To be won:

Freddy's avatar, The Essential, Rocky, Freddy and 5000 credits!


Make the right choice

A Rush vs. Tempus tournament. Will you be the fastest or the most enduring?


The time curve.

Elysia seems to have gotten used to these phenomena by now. Some people are beginning to see how these anomalies work and are noticing that there are stories being played out inside them. This time, it seems that a race against time is taking place. Proxima is deploying more and more bases on earth and in space, all around the planet. Huge columns even seem to interconnect, linking these different bases to each other. Meanwhile, part of the Terran resistance is on its way to an area of its solar system where space-time anomalies have been detected.

The following cards have a 2x chance of being won this week.

- Rocky

- Freddy

- Sin_31

- Rocal

- Doc


A new code this week allows you to get your gift : NoTime


- Many bugs have been fixed.

- You can now change your deck during your tournaments. This change will reset your ELO score.

Thank you for your support and enjoy the game!

- The Echo of Ayllu team

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