Hello everyone !

A new card is appearing today: The Cowboy Ranger, and it brings with it a new mechanic in the game.


W. Ranger is a man of common sense ... in general ... but not when it comes to injustice. So if you decide to steal from your neighbor, don't do it in front of him.

Pose: Tie up: When he comes into play, Ranger can tie up an opposing character within his reach. A tied-up character can no longer attack, activate effects, or hold Energy Rocks. A tied up character is freed by moving.

Loot: Pillage: When Ranger steals an Energy Rock, he also steals 3 PP from the opponent's reserve.


The new challenges are Cowboys oriented this week.

To be won: The character James and his avatar, the Hyperion ship, and 5,000 credits!

On your marks !


Unleash An exclusively RUSH tournament with no gem limit. Let go of all your machines, and all your beasts, now is the real war for resources.


The last great war pushed the Terrans to its most distant entrenchments. Today, no man, nor any law, can dictate their behavior. If looting has become an art, that of space travel is yet to be reviewed... And from afar, Elysia observes in her breach what appears to be an accident between two Earth ships.

These cards have a 2x more chance of being won in the Week's Breach.

- Ranger

- Miko

- Jhack

- Ibill

- James


Two Essentials are to be picked up in your stall!


This week some updates have been made, especially with the arrival of new features:

- The history of your purchases and sales is available in the Cyberhall

- The shop interface has been improved

- You can now choose whether your Draft games are Ranked or Friendly.

- The offices have been renamed to Stall.

- When a player connects to you in matchmaking, a sound will notify you.

Many thanks for your support and good play everyone!

- The Echo of Ayllu team

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