Hi all! The news seems to be linked in recent days, and for good reason! Many of you gave us your feedback, and we took them into account. So the bugs have been fixed and improvements have been made. With a bonus gift! And find information about the opening of the beta at the end of the post.

BETA 0.11

- The opponent 's Maximum Attack is now visible by clicking on its reserve. This attack takes into account the PP that the opponent will receive in the next turn!

- The ship system has been improved. See details below.

- Ship stats have been adjusted for this new format. - The creation of foils only requires 5 copies of the card instead of 10 previously.

- Ultra wide screens are now supported in 16: 9 and 16:10.

- Some adventure mode levels have been adjusted.

- The challenges interface has been improved, and is now clearer to understand.

- Meydän goes to 5/3 instead of 4/3 previously.

- Flaq goes from 6/4 instead of 5/4 previously.

- A reconnection message is displayed after 5 seconds of Internet disconnection.

- Numerous small bugs fixed, in particular on certain card reactions.


Now the ships give cards to each game. As much in your victories as in the defeats. Some differences that said: - The Radar indicates the rate of chances of obtaining Rare or Mythic cards in case of victory. In case of defeat, the rate is 5%. - Fuel is used to intercept new characters. Each game gives you 1 new character and therefore burns you 1 point of fuel. - Resistance is the number of defeats the ship can take.

NEW BREACH A new breach has appeared! And Elysia is in the spotlight! To celebrate, 5,000 credits are offered to you (meeting in the offices) as well as the great Toba-I to intercept as many Elysians as possible! Place your Toba-I in the breach to intercept Elysians!


On October 21, an exceptional event will take place on Steam: The Digital Tabletop Fest, and we have the honor to tell you that Echo of Ayllu will participate! Thus, from October 15 the beta will open in public!

Good game everyone!

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