End of the closed beta, transition, early access, we give you all the dates! But before that, some improvements made recently for this BETA 0.12.

- The challenges now have a countdown, which allows you to be informed of the arrival of the next ones.

- On the last turn of the TEMPUS FUGIS artifact, a message "LAST TURN!" appears.

- On your last kill to do with the DOMINATION artifact, a message "LAST KO!" appears.

- A button "Exit" has been added to the menu, at the top right.

- A window mode has been added.

- A "Neutral" filter has been added for materials and ships in Cyberhall.

- Various corrections of texts and translations.

- Better server stability.

- Improved main menu presentation.

- Two new avatars appeared during registration: Salt and Kay!


The closed beta ends October 4. We will therefore take a transition period of a few days in order to better prepare for the opening of early access on Steam scheduled for October 15. New cards will appear!

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