Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Hello everyone ! A new card is appearing today, and it is a little spy robot, quite special, since it brings a new mechanic to the game.



If the need to peek at your opponent's army arises, recruit Oli. Equipped with infrared cameras, discreet and fast, it will give you an obvious strategic advantage.

Scout: As long as Oli is in play, you can see the opponent's hand.

Talent: Flee: Oli can escape the game board. PP are returned to the reserve. Does not count as a Kill.

NEW CHALLENGES This week's new challenges will earn you Melt's avatar, a RW-Figther ship, Oli, a special Earth card back, and 5,000 credits! On your marks !

NEW TOURNAMENT Reverse your Soul. Do you know how to make bad decks? This tournament is for you. Prepare your worst possible deck ever, and force it on your opponent. He will have to fight with it, and you with his. Good luck!

NEW BREACH Sand and Bolts Stellar exhibits have become commonplace on Elysia. Yet the last crack was rather peculiar: In the four corners of the planet, mechanical parts and rusty bolts have landed in fields, on dwellings, and even in certain sacred lakes in the northern regions. If the young people laugh about it, others are already rushing towards the breach...

These cards have 2x more chances to be intercepted:





- RC-02


As usual, the bugs are gradually corrected, based on your feedback. Some features have also appeared during the week, such as taking a look at the max attack of our cards in hand by clicking on our reserve. Many thanks for your support and good play everyone! - The Echo of Ayllu team

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