Devlog #1: First Ticket, First Patch.

Updated: May 8, 2021

- "Yay! Although this is the first real piece of news for such a long time! I was still young when you started XD "

- '' Yes, the dev team has changed a bit, and the game has recently received a fresh start! But ... we're still here! ''

So thanks to this first post, and despite all the ups and downs, we are happy to tell you that the project continues with its development, in the broadest sense of the term, as the artists are still here throwing bits of paper around during, even though it is the early hours of the morning! We'll try to interview them, but they’re a pretty timid species 😄 In the meantime, here is the news from the front:


- The main menu is now functional.

- The collection management is functional.

- The deckbuilder is functional.

- Character variables are functional.

- Cards can be sorted by planet, name and power.


Well that's not all! There is some even more good news! And that is the launch of the official site! Which you can visit right now at: Ah! One more thing, tickets will be published on Saturdays from now on ^^. That's it for this first week of the devlog. I hope you enjoyed these bits of news 😉 🤟 Thanks again to everyone for the support! And start inviting your Discord friends, family, and even Granny, if she likes cards.

Oléti! (Thank you)

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