Devlog #2: Patch and Meeting with Saiman.

Updated: May 8, 2021

And here we are with our second ticket for the Echo of Ayllu adventure! Today, no blah-blah-blah, just raw facts and no detours ... But before that, let's go back to the genesis of the history of ...

"STOPPPP! You said no blah-blah-blah! Give me info!"

Okay Okay... We can no longer express ourselves here...


- Collection: When you click on a character, they expand and you can discover their story.

- Improved shared workflow system.

In progress:

- Gameplay: Placement of characters, movements and actions.

- Gameplay: Integration of Power Stones and Unstable Energy.

- Gameplay: Implementation of the artefact system.


- The mobile website display issue has been resolved.

ARTIST IN THE SPOTLIGHT From time to time, we may invite you to experience the world of EoA from an artist's point of view. And this time, it is Saiman, a talented Russian artist who’ll get the ball rolling by talking about the design of the boards. He has done several so far, including one using the theme of our planet Earth, but with an arid atmosphere! THE PROCESS Here, you’ll find some exclusive images from the project, produced during the set creation process. The texts in italics are comments by Saiman. So more specifically, here is the basic structure offered to the artist:

After a lot of long discussions, Saiman offered us several "sketches" via his modeling tools.

"For the 3D part, I use Blender. I set up a basic rendering so I can see the scene as a whole: proportion, scale, perspective, light management, organization of objects..."

This 3D environment therefore matches rather well with the spirit we’re looking for. He continues forward in this direction, while following our recommendations. The following shows the progression of his work with a combination of 3D and 2D:

 “When the composition and the configuration of the table are validated, I switch to Zbrush, which is fantastic for coloring, and especially for refining the overall mood."
“Finally, I open up Photoshop for the final touch-ups. This is an important step that I really like, especially if the first steps have been done precisely and have been well thought out... The mood can still change a lot at this point in the process, with results that can sometimes be very surprising!"

And the final render!

 "The constraints (like artifacts, the energy management, or the type of environment in the story) allow me to create something artistically pleasing, which, as well as the style of the project’s graphics, immediately appealed to me. Practicing my art with a project that makes sense to me is essential. This is especially important for an artist, who through their work shares a little of themselves with the rest of the world. And that also allows us to get the best result with our art.

In game, the boards will then be animated and equipped with both visual and sound effects (ex: particles, wind etc.) directly from the development engine. Immersion guaranteed!

 "I like to compare this kind of exercise to meditation, where the pleasure of being able to develop inner worlds is a basic need in my life."

Thanks to Saiman for his work on the project. In the game, you’ll also find other work created by his very hand. If the results can be described as superb, then the artistic coherence with the rest of the graphic universe (maps, characters, various arts) can only be described as exceptional. Do not hesitate to take a tour of his page: to discover his other work. He is also present on our Discord server, here, if you wish to speak to him!

That's all for today, have a great week! And don't forget to bring your friends over to the server 😉

Oléti (Thank you!)

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