Devlog #3: Patch & Introspection

Updated: May 8, 2021

The third ticket has arrived!

The updates are continuing, and we are reaching a point where it will be possible to play against a very stupid AI. This will be an opportunity for the team to let off steam after work, knowing that losing will be the main difficulty.

Anyway, here's where we are right now:


- The variables which were attached to the characters, can now get stronger during a game (or not).

- The cards in our deck are drawn at the start of the game at random, and we can place our characters on the battlefield.

- Artifacts, Power Stones, handling unstable energies, and character movement are still under development.

- The main menu interfaces are complete.

- Special effects will be added soon.


- Color improvements.

– The addition of the News section at the end of the page.

- The site has been translated into English and you can now change the language by clicking on the little icon to the right of the menu.



What is the universe made of?

- What?! That question came out of nowhere! I wasn't expecting it, and besides, I don't have a definite answer ... Maybe it’s just a void with some shining stars, I imagine…

- But, it was you who wrote this news article: the question too!

- Ah! That changes everything then.


The universe of EoA is rich, and was not written in a day. And that includes the story as well as its illustrations, gameplay and development. To tell the truth, the adventure that is this project dates back to 2015, with the first versions being of a fairly basic lore: There are some good guys who want do to something evil to some bad guys. Suddenly, they become mean too! In the end, what we wanted was to create a great card game above all, with rules that make people smile and have fits of rage at the same time ... the real deal!

A good example is that of the robots: These are the first sketches.

And then, over time, the background, the characters, the places, the stories were refined: from bistro fights, we moved on to political rivalries, where cold wars are of interstellar dimensions ... we also moved on to journeys through space and time; from robots playing with hammers to quantum robots ... Stories of oppression, but also of love, courage and mystery, with every encounter being more surprising that the last. The clash of cultures, science and religions of different peoples and planets ... to finally ending up wondering about one single question: "Where do we come from?" ". Which inevitably leads to the famous "Where are we going?"

Rover and Freddy, two heroes who will accompany you in Odyssey mode.

Finally, what was initially going to be a small game between friends, turned into a more ambitious project than that of simple entertainment: Getting the player to question themselves about their deep identity, without taking themselves seriously, and all of that with a good dose of adrenaline. This has really become an interesting program!

Today, the robots have evolved a lot since the first sketches. In game, each planet manufactures them according to its resources.

Thank you all for the support and encouragement, even if it doesn't seem like much to you, it's huge to us. And we hope you enjoy the game as much as we care about it! By the way, next week, some heavy stuff awaits you as we should be able to offer you the very first gameplay images!

That's all for the pioneers today!

Oléti (thank you) and RDV on the Discord (with your friends)!

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