Devlog #6: Patch & Gameplay !

Updated: May 8, 2021

🤟 Pionneers! 🤟

In this new devlog, we’ll show you the very first video of the pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha version of the game! Yeah! Obviously, we are still far from finished (only the special effects, graphics, and of course, the whole back-end including player accounts, etc.), but we are still very happy that we’ll be able to show you our progress through video format from today onwards, as the gameplay is at that stage where we can do it! And that is super cool! We’ll start with the usual updates, and then finish with the video.

PATCH 0.35

- All characters in the game now have their own effects. We can now begin to test the balance of the game.

- The artifacts are functional, and will shortly have graphical representations.

- The defeat / victory management is working.

- Bug fixes – Special effects work is in progress.

- A superb adventure mode has begun development. And now let’s take a look at our little video. Obviously, a lot of things are shown without explanation, but we will gradually take time to explain everything to you. Again, it's short, good viewing!

Ps: The video has been fully translated into English (subtitles).

Although it is difficult to understand everything on the first viewing, we can already begin to see some intesteresting things:

- Champions are characters who help their allies in a massive way.

- 1 champion per deck, 7 allies.

- Totem artifacts form an important part of the strategy since they represent the different ways that a game can be won. The simple ways to win of yesteryear are simply not enough!

- Power dust multiplies a character's attack (indicated in yellow on the card).

- It uses the traditional system as always: the highest attack wins a fight, so no headaches with doing a lot of sums and calculations.

- The games are very fast and nerve-wrecking -Boom!

That's it…Well I think that's it! But feel free to give us your feedback on Discord!



- Ok, but apart from praying like a pagan, how can we play?

- Bring 3 friends over to the EoA Discord and send me their ID in MP (Rover), and you will be automatically registered on the beta-list, for when it is launched! That's all you have to do! If not, we can always count on the random draw system - no panic! 😉

- Okay! And if I bring 6 friends with me, will I get two keys (to give)?

- Yeah! And so forth!

Hypothetical end of the discussion:

- But I don't have a friend! - Maybe family?

- I don't have a family either.

- A pet, or a horse?

- I am alone in the world!

- No you are not, we're here. 🤗

See you soon, pioneers!

Oléti! (thank you)

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