Devlog # 7: Patch, New Mode and Meet Artist GrumpyAnise.

Updated: May 8, 2021

Hello Pioneers!

Today we will discuss a very nice part of the game; the Adventure mode. We will also meet the artist Anise, responsible for the beauty of this universe.

But before going any further, the news from the dev side:


- Smoother in-game card reactions.

- Implementation of new effect mechanics: Troop Calls, battlecry (nothing to do with what you may know already), time circuits, resupplies.

- Three new game boards have been implemented, including animations.

- The adventure mode continues to evolve.

- Harmonization of the whole game.

- Various bug fixes.


The adventure mode is a huge area of ​​the game where you can evolve and take your characters on a fantastic odyssey. The introduction (History) of this mode is represented by a huge canvas that is over 60,000px long. Once finished, you will be thrown into the heart of the galaxy where you can choose among different planets, in order to find one that suits you and where you can put down your suitcases down (full of all kinds of weapons) and get into the action.

In this video, we’ll take a quick look at the game’s adventure mode; Echo of Ayllu! Please note that this is only a pre-alpha version of the game. Many elements are subject to change.


Meet the artist of this mode, Anise, who is an artist with a unique and surprising style. Here is our interview with her.

Hi! Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Hi! My name is Anise and I love to draw pebbles.

Your style is downright original, and when you look at all the work you have done, it’s easy to get the impression of being in front of a masterpiece.

Thank you! It's really funny to compare myself to a master because my style is quite close to sketching. Today, in art schools, one of the first things you learn is how to work with silhouettes. Me, I just go a little further by making my silhouettes more colorful. The interesting thing about looking at a sketch is that a lot of things are not said. Yet our brain will do something incredible: "fill in" the image, which makes it more readable. This is what I try to address through my art: to keep all this magical incompleteness of the sketch while making it clear enough to express all the important things that I want to show. I have very few tools at my disposal and little to distract me, so the value of every row and shape is doubled. If I were a poet, I would compare it to the art of calligraphy, which is one of the things that inspires me! The idea of ​​being precise and reaching a goal in only a very few movements.

Fascinating! Beyond the style, where does all of your inspiration come from?

I am inspired a lot by the landscapes that surround me. I was lucky enough to live in a strange place where beautiful nature collides with some pretty ugly urban stuff. Here is what I saw every day when I went to school by road.

Ah yes! You can clearly see where the roots of your work come from. And what software do you use by the way?

I stick to PaintTool SAI because I don't use complicated media: it's just a mixture of a brush, blur and textures. A few years ago they added a symmetry tool and a lot of cool rules so there's no reason to use anything else for me.

You joined the EoA adventure about a year ago, what do you like the most about this project?

The general framework, I believe. Whenever there is a story where the world has been devastated, I am there! I even love the word 'devastated' itself xD. It's a bit special to me too.

A small part of Anise's frame, before it’s connected to space.

If you had to name an artist that you particularly like, who would it be? Artem Chebokha (also known as Rhads). When I first discovered him, I realized that there were real people behind all of these images.

The art of Artem Chebokha.

Before I discovered him, I never imagined drawing (never mind becoming a professional artist), so he's pretty iconic to me.

Astonishing indeed! Thank you for your time, and especially your talent, Anise. Is there anything you would like to add in the closing remarks?

I just wish everyone who reads this stays healthy and has enough inner strength to continue on their path.

Anise occasionally shares WIPs on her Youtube channel. Above, a small Speed ​​painting of part of our game canvas. If you want to discover all of Anise's achievements, go to her artist page! I wish everyone a good weekend and see you soon (on Discord)! Oléti Pioneers! (thank you guys!)

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