Welcome back among us pioneers! And welcome to the newcomers too, since the open beta allows free access to the game today!

With the launch of this one, a few new features are emerging:

- You can now give RedStalk one of your decks.

- The overall interface has been improved for a clearer rendering.

- A rewards panel at the end of tournaments has been added.

- The history of cards won with ships is now displayed in your profile.

- Some cards have new sound effects!

- A panel for adventure mode has been added.

- Server stability has been optimized

- The problem of emails not received is resolved.

- Rocal's stats are now 6/6 instead of 6/5.

- The Security effect now secures your character from all negative enemy effects.

- The black screen bug in adventure mode has been fixed.

- A large number of errors in the texts have been corrected (thanks to Lebrun!).

This is also an opportunity for us to make an announcement. Every Friday, a new card will appear, and some events may bring more. Anyway, remember that every week there will be at least one new release!

See you soon guys;)

- Discovery

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