Devlog #8: Patch & Some news !

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

Hi all!

The adventure continues quietly, and it seems that we have reached cruising speed!

Come on!

Here is the latest news:

PATCH 0.43

- The workflow has been further improved, and in-game maps are now 100% responsive.

- Implementation of new levels in the adventure mode.

- New character gameplay: Armament, Disarmament, Explosives, Powder, Counterattack.

- The characters have had their voices recorded in the studio by actors!

- Fixed many bugs.

- Echo of Ayllu has seen its logo get a makeover!

- Teaser in progress.

- A "Collection" area has been added to the site, where you can find screens, wallpapers, and other various images.

* * *


So the goal right now, as you all know, is to be able to present you with a playable closed beta, so that you formidable Pioneers can project yourselves into the space and time of EoA, and thus live the adventure of your life.

- "But it's impossible to project yourself into space and time".

- "Hold my beer".

So we have tried to prepare a little development notebook for you! Yes, yes, that means that a date is possible!


APRIL 2021

Global optimization, modes and menus. Addition of additional content.

Debug testing.

MAY 2021

Network deployment. Addition of additional content. Optimization. Debug testing

JUNE 2021

Extensive development of artificial intelligence Addition of additional content. Optimization. Debug testing.

JULY 2021

Player accounts / multiplayer, addition of additional content. Optimization. Debug testing.


Launch of the Closed Beta by invitation! Testing. Okay so obviously it's not set in stone, but it seems achievable. We are counting on you to break everything! (Well not everything, but you get what I mean XD)

That’s it for today's news!

See you soon, pioneers!

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